“Testing” is Stressing

By Pam Kovacs Johnson It’s important to recognize that ANY kind of testing for recall is especially stressful for a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Last month we addressed feelings associated with AD & achieving desirable emotional outcomes. Caregivers do and say things with the very best intentions. However, quizzing your loved one is not only…

Understanding Emotions & Alzheimer’s

Written by Pam Kovacs Johnson When a disease like Alzheimer’s affects our brain & memory, it is only natural that emotions will be affected as well. Memory loss takes away information which reassures us, provides comfort and confidence, and enables us to trust. Memory is what allows a person to feel in control of his life,…

Friends Place’s Jane Kovacs Honored by Altrusa International


Largely known for her work with Alzheimer’s patients and families inside the doors of Friends Place Adult Day Services, Jane Kovacs recently had the spotlight shown upon her for her outstanding work throughout the Richardson community.

On Friday, October 25, Friends Place Co-Owner and Director Jane Kovacs was honored by Altrusa International, Inc. at their annual Outstanding Women of Today – Builders of Tomorrow luncheon.

Friends Place Richardson Fall Fair

We have big plans in place for our third annual Friends Fall Fair, held in conjunction with the State Fair of Texas. Folks are already bringing in their items to display in the exhibit hall, located in the living room area. Please consider adding something of yours to the show (see info page in the…

Friends Place’s Book Club: Turning the Page with Therapy


While it’s often been thought that familiar music can successfully engage those affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia, recent research has shown that books written for these individuals can have a similar effect. (New Old Age)

“Researchers have found in a number of studies that reading can improve a patient’s quality of life. The meanings of written sentences can be understood by — and prompt cogent responses from — even those who have difficulty handling verbal exchanges,” writes Milt Fredenheim in a 2010 article on Alzheimer’s patients and books.

Every Friday at 11 a.m., Friends Place holds its weekly Book Club. Earlier this spring we read Jack London’s classic Call of the Wild. Not only did we discuss the book’s themes and characters, we also got to hear some of members share on their wonderful past experiences visiting Alaska and the Yukon Territory to watch the Iditarod Race in person.

The Many Benefits of Therapy Dogs

Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schultz The famous cartoonist and creator of the beloved Snoopy was certainly onto something when he spoke those famous words. One has to wonder though if the Peanuts writer understood there were actually facts to support his theory – that while happiness may not be measurable, the…